Exciting new developments on BrokersMatrix.com!

Dear visitor,

The new version of www.BrokersMatrix.com is now online! Beyond a visual re-looking, we tried to bring fonctional improvements to the website based on visitors regular comments on the forum or through our online survey.


The Homepage is probably the page which has experienced the most radical changes.
Gateway to the website’s main functionalities, we wanted it to be visually more appealing and easier to navigate with a direct access to contents.
In order to better guide the visitor through the site, two separate accesses have been devised, one for new visitors not yet acquainted with BrokersMatrix and another one for regular visitors.
Make BrokersMatrix your favourite homepage!


Staying with the Homepage, the new event tab has been created and will be enriched with interesting events and gatherings to meet other traders, brokers or other external Forex providers.


A new Guide has been devised and a new sub-tab created to host this Guide on "The art of choosing a Forex broker" which includes six different steps. We invite new visitors in particular to start their visit with this guide, as it will help you structure the process to select your online broker.
First step in the guide, identifying your selection criteria. To guide you as best as possible taking into account your trading style, we designed a summary table, underlying the relative importance of eleven major criteria according to the length you intend to hold your positions.

My Selection

The former Selection Box has been revamped. Renamed "My brokers selection", it now has its own tab in the main menu. You may select and keep brokers in this "basket" in order to compare them later either quickly according to the 7 main criteria used to choose a broker, or by undertaking a more-in-depth comparison and applying a hundred different criteria to the brokers you selected.

Discover brokers

BrokersMatrix now offers you over 200 brokers to choose from!
We are in the process of encouraging brokers to include and/or update their profile on BrokersMartrix, so that you may have access to the largest number of complete profiles when browsing brokers information on BrokersMatrix.

Multicriteria search engine

The multi-criteria search engine is one of the great added-value tools on BrokersMatrix, dedicated entirely to searching online Forex brokers.
Beyond the large number of selection criteria available to you, it now includes an automatic filter giving immediate access to brokers speaking your language (Francophone and Anglophone users)! You can still of course access brokers from around the world.

Compare Forex brokers

Giving you the power to quickly and easily compare the brokers you selected in your basket (My Selection) is one of our main goals at BrokersMatrix. You can compare brokers two ways: either according to the 7 main criteria used to choose a broker, or by undertaking a more-in-depth comparison and applying a hundred different criteria to the brokers you selected.
In addition, you can now use additional filters prior to comparing preselected brokers. Another improvement worth mentioning is the ability to share your personal comparison page with other traders or friends on a forum, a blog or by email by communicating the link to them.


Because it is sometimes difficult to make up one’s mind based on often controversial comments and reviews from Internet users, reviews and ratings posted by each trader are now ranked according to their level of interest (star rating system). You can therefore easily distinguish the constructive testimonies and experiences from comments posted under the potential influence of anger.
Comments and reviews are also accessible on the members’ forum on which brokers have also been granted a right to reply.


A new MyPrivateSpace has been created for members. More userfriendly and simpler to use, this dedicated private space allows you to become a member free on BrokersMatrix but you will also soon be able to access more services which we are currently developping...

A simple efficient design with relevant contents are now available in order to facilitate the reading of tables and indicators and make your navigation on the website easier and more enjoyable.

We hope that you will appreciate the way we tried to optimise your visit on our website and we stay open to all your comments and suggestions. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback using our online survey, the forum or the contact page.

Discover all novelties now on BrokersMatrix.com!

BrokersMatrix Team

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